Working abroad has been something that Filipinos look at as a means for a better life. In truth, given the higher salary rates in countries abroad, the lure to be an OWF (Overseas Filipino Worker) is very strong indeed. When that currency is brought in the Philippines, it is more than enough for their families.

Among the top countries that Filipinos go to, Canada is among the highest. Despite the cold weather, both professional and skilled workers are pouring into the country. One of the trending topics in OFW sites is not just how to work in Canada but how to migrate there. Both opportunities are available and this makes going to this country more appealing. Working in a country that can offer your permanent residence – not just you but for your whole family as well, is a something that Filipinos dream about.

Canada actually promotes this and just like Australia, they have made it easier to be a resident there – unlike in the US or other Europeans countries. Canadian provinces offer seminars to ensure that the knowledge is out there for people to use.

With the good health care and educational benefits provided for by the government, Filipinos are so into migrating in Canada that they are currently the top three Asian race currently living there.

There are several possibilities in Canada work-wise so your chances of getting a job there is very high. Both professional and skilled worker positions are made available in the country. Filipinos in particular are highly prized employees because they are hard working and very easy to get along with.

Among the top demands are for caregivers. Each year, 2,000 caregivers are allowed into the country under a program that helps them be residents within 3 years. Also recently, Canada opened its doors for nurses – as they realized there is a shortage in health workers in the country. Paramedics and physical therapist are also in demand in Canada.

Oil-workers are also in demand because oil is considered as a major industry in Canada. Those who used to work in the Middle East can easily place themselves in a new job in the Northern part of Canada.

Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto is also in need of hairdressers – which is being grabbed by skilled Filipinos. This also includes make-up and nail artists.

Of course, IT professionals are needed too. In fact, this profession is needed everywhere. Software specialists are needed in this country.

Family members of currently residing Filipinos in Canada can also be eligible to migrate within months after.

The top visa programme that Filipinos are commonly using is through the Skilled Worker Category. This program is intended for applicants with a high level of skill and experience in their field.

There are two options for you to work legally in Canada. You can go with a temporary visa and apply for a work permit or you can apply for a permanent residency.

The Temporary Immigration option means you have to first get an Employment Authorization (EA) then process your visitor’s visa to travel to Canada. You cannot get an EA without a job offer that is fully validated by the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). Usually, Filipinos who can get an EA easily are Software professionals, members of the Youth Exchange Program or s family member of a current Highly Skilled Temporary Worker in Canada. A special program for caregiver called Live-in Caregivers will also help those who have passed the caregiver requirements. This visa means you only get to stay in the country as long as you are employed. Once you are terminated, you need to depart the country. However, you can still apply for a permanent residency – something that is easier to do since you are already there.

The Permanent Immigration is the more popular category that Filipinos aim for. Usually a point system is in place. Every requirement has a corresponding point in the system. You need to be eligible for any occupation in the Canadian Occupations List. It also helps your application if you have visited Canada prior to your application.

Entrepreneurs are welcome in the country as well. But you need to pass a special requirement in the Entrepreneur category. Artists, writers and a few other professions can be accepted through this category.

A family member can also get a visa if they are sponsored by a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. The requirement is proof of funds to be able to look after the applicant.

If you wish to go through the Investor Category, you can do so but at great cost and risk. You need an investment of at least 250,000 Canadian Dollars.

Usually, it takes Filipinos a few months to land a stable job in the country so the Canadian government advises Filipinos to take as much as 6 months of finances to fund their living.